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... so far so good! I have spent a lot of money on books and audio courses but this combination of text and audio seems to work good for me. Thanks ArEg!! shafik81

Courses, manuals, & exercises from A1 to B2 ( i.e. from beginner level to independent speaker)

What a brilliant site ... Just learnt a few words and he (spouse) is chuffed to bits. Easy website to learn as such a difficult language. Looking forward to continuing carmenlawrence69

Dive into language/culture with subtitled movies!

Such a brillant idea to include in every song the subtitles in Arabic (together with the English translation !!!) You guys are very smart! Thanks a lot for such a wonderful website!! VIVA ArEg!! Marcos

Learn while you play!

very good exercises...they are helping me a lot... God bless all who made this site! anonymous

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09/01/04 - 23/09/16

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A 1 Words 1
العربية - Modern Standard Arabic
18 days
This course is dedeicated to enrich your vocabulary at the A 1 level. Prerequisite: A 1.1 Author: Mohamed.
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you are not vegetarian, isn't it so?
ante lste nabaateyyat>, alyasa kadhalek?

this phrase is said to a woman


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ArEg is a private project that aims to be the ultimate online school for the standard Arabic and Egyptian dialect. We are providing a rich, interactive and comprehensive study environment which makes it easy for the user to learn Arabic and learn Egyptian and to be able to use this knowledge in their every day life. We provide several resources that will help the user learn at their own pace and reach the B2 level.
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